Privacy Policy

We at Trotters UK Ltd (We) are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring any transaction with our site is secure.

For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998, the data controller is Trotters UK Ltd of 350 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AH

Security of your details

Our website is protected by the latest secure server technology to ensure your information is protected to the highest standards.

When you place an order you do this in a secure area of our site protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which enables encryption of the data you provide and makes it virtually impossible for unauthorised parties to view. This encryption is verified by RapidSSL, the world’s leading certification body for Internet companies.

Data protection

In accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, we will not share your details with any third parties.

As a customer of Trotters UK Ltd, we will from time to time send you offers on products or services of our group (currently Trotters UK Ltd) by e-mail which we think might be of interest.

If you would prefer not to receive any of these communications please contact us on the details below.

Anonymous Access

You can access our website and browse our shop without disclosing your personal data by setting your browser to private browsing mode.

Cookie Use

Websites and online services provided by Trotters UK Ltd may use “cookies”. Cookies permit you to use our shopping basket as well as personalising your experience when you visit our site. In addition, they allow us to monitor which parts of the site our users visit and enable us to measure how effective ads and web searches are to give us an idea about user behaviour which, in turn, allow us to improve the products and services we offer.

Check with your provider to find out how to disable cookies in your browser. Please be warned, however, that disabling cookies may mean you will be unable to use certain sections of our site.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are tiny text files that are saved on your computer that store non-sensitive information, and help websites and web applications perform better. Cookies can be used in a wide range of scenarios, from enabling websites to see how people use their site and to identify where users may be having problems and where technical issues arise, through to enabling more sophisticated and relevant product suggestions.

Trotters Jewellers uses cookies for a variety of items in relation to the management of our site, these are listed below. If you require any further information on our cookie policy, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will be happy to oblige.

Based on the guidelines in the ICC UK Cookie guide, we have separated the cookies we use on our site into three categories.

System Cookies

Our e-commerce site is powered by a well trusted and secure platform. It uses a number of cookies for its technical operations, such as when a user adds an item to their basket a cookie is required to ensure that this item remains associated to that user all the way through their journey on site. Without these cookies you will be unable to use many of our site’s features.

Site Management Cookies

Trotters UK Ltd uses Google Analytics, an enterprise level application that enables website owners to see how people use their site, identify bottlenecks and what it is their users are looking for. These cookies are also completely anonymous and will not be used to track your browsing on any sites other than our own.

Marketing Cookies

As part of our marketing operations we use suppliers and services that use cookies, these help us track how useful they have been in getting a user to the site. The partners we use are: Google AdWords, this uses cookies to tell us what users who click a paid advert from the Google search engine what they used the site for, and what they did there. It does not, however, collect any personal information about you the user. All this information is aggregated and completely anonymous.

All the cookies that we use, or that our third-party suppliers use, have been vetted and assured to be operating within the legal framework that governs the use of cookies within the EU. We respect the privacy of our users and take the utmost care to not use any PII (personally identifiable information) within the way we see our website being used.

You can contact us about our privacy policy, cookies or whether we are keeping personal data about you by:

  • Calling us on 0207 739 7080
  • Sending an email to [email protected]
  • Sending postal mail to Trotters UK Ltd, 350 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AH